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Completed Chapter Partnership Agreement (CPA)

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Milt Cook Award

Milt Cook was a member of APICS Southwest District who exemplified all the dedication and guiding principles that APICS was founded upon. Milt was enthusiastic, involved, and gave 100 percent in everything he did for his chapter and the District. Unfortunately, he died in 1990. 

The District adopted the Milt Cook Award in his honor as our highest award for service and dedication to the District and principles of APICS. This award is bestowed each year upon the member who has stood out as the kind of person that Milt Cook was.

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Milt Cook Award Recipients

2016 Roly White, CFPIM, CIRM, CSCP Orange County Chapter
2015 Sue Franks, CFPIM, CSCP San Diego Chapter
2014 Stacy Gigger Tucson Chapter
2013 Shannon Reininger San Fernando Valley Chapter
2012 Norm Carmichael, CPIM, CSCP San Diego Chapter
2011 Lisa Anderson, CSCP Inland Empire Chapter
2010 Preston Blevins San Diego Chapter
2009 Kirk Prather LAPICS
2008 Sandy Friedman San Diego Chapter
2007 Bill Garrison Anaheim Chapter
2006 Ben Schlussel Inland Empire Chapter
2005 Jimmy Zepeda Anaheim Chapter
2004 Ray Blinde San Fernando Valley Chapter #110
2003 Bill Montgomery Orange County Chapter
2002 Jim Tarr Los Angeles Chapter
2001 Dave Johnson Phoenix #58
2000 Ellen Kane, CPIM San Fernando Valley #110
1999 Chuck Felton Ambos Nogales
1998 Jim Heidemann Tucson Chapter #213
1997 Joan Walsh, CPIM, CIRM Inland Empire Chapter
1996 Barry Solomon Southern Nevada Chapter
1995 Bill Brennan San Diego Chapter #100
1994 Timothy N. Szendel Orange County Chapter #70
1993 Sue King, CPIM Tucson Chapter #213
1992 Cheryl La Vella Inland Empire Chapter #112
1991 Juan Aguilar Tijuana Calafia Chapter #318
1990 Mark Wurzel San Fernando Chapter #110



Chapter Minimum Standards/Chapter Banchmarking and Reporting (CMS/CBAR) - additional information

CMS/CBAR is a standardized exercise that promotes action and innovation. With the assistance of an instructional template, individual organizations plan and execute a strategy of progress within the field of resource management. Specifically, they identify an opportunity for innovation; prescribe a program to address the opportunity; implement the program; measure the results; and undertake further action to improve future outcomes. It is a description of the organizations' overall experience that is submitted to a panel of veteran APICS volunteers and District leadership. The panel evaluates the programs and provides objective guidance through instructional feedback.

CMS/CBAR program encourages strong organizational management practices, including solid strategic planning, continuity among leadership, and recruiting and retaining members.

Individual members also benefit by learning management skills that translate to on-the-job success. These skills involve stronger communication techniques, enhanced writing abilities, expanded leadership acumen, and sound financial practices.

In addition to the panel evaluation and guidance, chapters also receive recognition and achievement awards at the District and International level, with special attention at the annual International Conference.


CMS/CBAR Submissions

Deadline for submission is July 31st for each year's submission. Updated versions of the CBAR Excel Workbook and CBAR Handbook are available and all chapter submissions for the program must now be reported electronically using these updated tools.

The latest version of the CBAR Excel Workbook is available for download from APICS under the Chapter Management Section.

The CMS/CBAR program is divided into two sections:

Section 1: Chapter Minimum Standards (CMS) for Chapter Maintenance Tool
Chapters are required to use the guidelines outlined in Section 1 of the CBAR Handbook and the CBAR Excel Workbook to report their annual compliance with CMS to their district manager/district staff for evaluation by July 31 of each year.

Section 2: Chapter Benchmarking and Reporting (CBAR) Tool
Chapters electing to participate in CBAR must be in compliance with CMS and complete Sections 1 and 2 of the CBAR Excel Workbook and submit to their district manager/district staff for evaluation by July 31 of each year.

Method of submission is up to the chapter. Please submit via disc, memory stick, or electronically file. If you are mailing a disc or memory stick, the postmark must be no later than July 31. If you are sending electronically, receipt of the file must be no later than July 31. It is each chapter's responsibility to ensure receipt. Please send CMS/CBAR submissions to:

Stacy Gigger at: [email protected]


The Platinum Award recognizes organizations that have consistently demonstrated superior organizational management skills by receiving the Gold Award for five or more consecutive years, indicated strong integrative and innovative skills, and demonstrated exceptional growth.
Platinum Award Recipients
Orange County, Phoenix, San Diego, San Fernando Valley and Tucson


The Gold Award recognizes organizations that have demonstrated exceptional organizational management skills. These recipients have surpassed minimum requirements in all areas of concentration, employed superior teamwork techniques, and developed integrative and innovative skills in problem solving.
Gold Award Recipients
Anaheim, San Gabriel Valley and Southern Nevada


The Silver Award recognizes those emerging organizations that have met or exceeded the minimum requirements in each area of concentration, have demonstrated significant organizational skills, and have successfully satisfied market needs.
Silver Award Recipients
Inland Empire


The Bronze Award recognizes those organizations that have successfully implemented the framework to improve their organizational management structure toward meeting customer needs. These up-and-coming chapters have met or exceeded all minimum requirements and have demonstrated a dedication to future growth.


Bronze Award Recipients
Los Angeles